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Home  |   Projects  |  2008 Identification, Delineation and Digital Mapping for Solid Waste Management in Gombe State
Objective  •   Executive Summary

The general objective of this study is to determine the likely socio-economic impact of the proposed project to effectively manage wastes in Gombe.

Others include:

  • the determination of of the demographic profile of the inhabitants of Gombe, including population size and density, ethnic composition, migration patterns, etc.
  • the study of the socio- economic/ livelihood activities of the people, considering how the land clearance, construction of the plants and movement of wastes may affect those activities and the welfare of people in the area
  • the assessment of the position of waste management in terms of priority needs for local residents
  • the investigation of the local perceptions concerning the current lack of effectiove waste management upon the livelihoods, welfare and environment in Gombe
  • finding the level of awareness and perceptions of the local population concerning the past and planned efforts to more efficiently manage wastes in Gombe
  • conducting a gender a analysis to assess the possible differences between males and females in their perceptions and activities and the possible gender- specific differences in social impact
  • identification of local groups that may be marginalized or experience higher levels of vulnerability as a result of the project
  • comparison of conditions and effects upon communities that are close to the proposed site of the facility with those that currently experience serious waste management problems and
  • suggesting of measures to minimize the negative effects of the proposed pipeline project upon the local population

Executive Summary:
Geomatics Nigeria Limited (GNL) would like to thank the Federal Ministry of Environment, Housing and Urban Development (FMEHUD) for giving us the opportunity to provide our services on the project. In particular, we acknowledge the high level of cooperation received from the Honourable Minister of Environment, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. John Odey and the Minister of State without whose approvals and enforcements of due process procedure the project would not take off. We would acknowledge the support of Gombe State officials, particularly the Honourable Commisioner for Environment, Dr. Mohammed Magaji Doho and the Permanent Secretary, Mallam Abdullahi.

The Project Team acknowledges the contributions of our external consultants, particularly Professor Idowu Olayinka, Professor James Egunjobi and Mr. Lekan Taiwo. We also acknowledge the support and cooperation of numerous individuals (enumerators, field supervisors, data entry assistants etc), institutions and agencies that provided useful data for this study. In particular we appreciate the comments and other contributions by Gombe State and LGA representatives. Most of the useful comments made by stakeholders have been incorporated into the final report to improve its quality. Contributions from all stakeholders are greatly appreciated.

The Project benefited immensely from the technical contribution of Engr. Emmanuel Chukwuota who was appointed as the management consultant to the Project. Overall, the success of the project is a reflection of the zeal, commitment and leadership shown by Dr. O.O. Dada, Director of Pollution Control and Environmental Health, ably supported by his Assistants (Anu Sodeko, and Mr. Kazeem Bayero) and all technical Staffs of the Project that supervised the different components of the Project.

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