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Objective  •   Executive Summary

The ultimate goal of the project is to alleviate poverty in the nation. This project is a step to positively affect the lives of citizens of the rural and urban areas within the Ogbese catchment area through government intervention in the areas of potable water supply, hydro-electric power supply, irrigation and fishery development. While the project is physically located in Ekiti State, one should not under-estimate its positive effects on poverty alleviation of citizens of adjoining State(s), particularly Ondo State which is only a few kilometers south of the project site.

Executive Summary:
The contract for the construction of Ogbese Multipurpose Dam was awarded by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (now Federal Ministry of Water Resources) aiming towards alleviating poverty and affecting positively the lives of citizens at the rural and urban centers. The project was designed for water supply, hydro-electricity and irrigation purposes. Geomatics Nigeria Limited (GNL) was commissioned to undertake the Supervision of the Construction of the dam in Ekiti State. The Contract for the Construction works was awarded to Messrs Foundation Solid Nigeria Limited on 1st July 2009 with a completion period of 24 months. The site was handed over to the Contractor on 14th September 2009. The first phase of the project, which was based on a preliminary design, focuses mainly on the reservoir and Hydropower plant for hydroelectric power generation. However, the project would further be re-developed for domestic water supply to Ogbese community and environments through future installation of water treatment plant and booster stations. It would ultimately be developed for irrigation, fishery, recreational facilities and other activities.

Geophysical and geotechnical investigations across the dam axis were carried out. Geotechnical investigation for the construction materials was also carried out. The results of these investigations were used for the detailed design of the dam. The investigation across the dam axis suggested a foundation treatment using cement grout which has been carried out. The survey works carried out for the reservoir area suggested the need for a saddle dam in order to protect Ikere-Ise road from being submerged by the reservoir. The detailed design of the main embankment, saddle dam, spillway (including its associated works) and intake structure were carried out and completed while the design of the hydro-power plant is still in progress. The survey works, clearing, setting out and excavation has been carried out for the main dam, saddle dam and spillway including approach and discharge channels. Cutoff trench excavation and back-filling for the main and saddle dams are almost completed. The shell embankment filling for both the main and saddle dams are in progress. The spillway, the retaining wall and the stilling basin concrete works has been completed. Work on the concrete discharge channel is ongoing.

The detailed design brought about some additional works that are necessary to the implementation of the project. These include saddle dam, access road to the left bank, reservoir clearing, additional quantities for clearing and excavations. As a result of these additional works, the Contractor submitted a revised Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME) for the project. The overall progress of work achieved as at the end of December 2019 is about 45% of the revised budget. The breakdown is as follows; spillway and stilling basin 100%, Approach Channel 60%, Discharge Channel 50%, Dam Embankment 70%, Saddle Dam Embankment 70%, Hydropower and intake 10%.

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