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Objective  •   Executive Summary

Executive Summary:
The mapping of the entire Federal Capital Territory was mapped from Landsat data and the Abuja City mapped from Quickbird imageries with a resolution of less than 1 metre and was developed with PCI Geomatica, AutoCAD 2000 and ArcGIS 8.1. It was the first major city mapped entirely from Quickbird data anywhere in the world. The project was carried out for The National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja.

The project produced a comprehensive database that can be used for the purpose of planning and urban management of the Federal Capital City and regional development of the Federal Capital Territory. The flexibility of the database lends credence to the fact that planning is a continuous process and would enable the client to improve further on the data quality and data completeness.

The database possesses dual capacities tool having characteristics of Land Information System (LIS) and cadastral information database. It will serve a spring board for further development of other data layers for Abuja decision makers in the day to day spatial engineering of Abuja City and the Federal Capital Territory.

The main objective of this study was to demonstrate the capability of satellite imageries for mapping and urban planning. Other objectives include training of NASRDA staff on remote sensing and interpretation of satellite data.

The following major tasks were performed in order to accomplish the objectives:

  • Acquisition of new satellite imagery, which include the city of Abuja at 5m resolution or better and all major satellite cities, the reserved area, airport and other towns in the entire FCT at a resolution of 15m to 30m;
  • Interpretation of imagery and development of GIS maps at 1:5,000 scale;
  • Inclusion of thematic layers such as topography, soil and geology, urban and cadastral development, environmental, utilities, tourism, etc and other relevant information;
  • Development of a tourist booklet, which include a map index, a location key and a write-up on the facilities and resources of each district;
  • Preparation of a private report for NASRDA which include a discussion on the extent of deviation from master plan;
  • On-the-job training of counterpart personnel of NASRDA; and
  • A technology transfer package, which would provide hardware and software for remote sensing and GIS application.

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