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Our services tailored to the peculiar needs of our range of government, corporate and individual clients include: Environmental Management, Tropical Forestry, Hyrdrogeology, Capacity Building.

We have been working in these fields in Nigeria since 1991. However, most of our senior staff individually have up to 40 years consultancy experience in Environmental Management, Hydrogeology and Hydrology, GIS and remote sensing, Software development, Database Management and Socio-economic analysis across the globe.

Complementary to several other strategic and Baseline Studies/Surveys, the company provides a vast experience in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Socio-Economic Studies, Ecological Baseline Studies, Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystem Management, Water-shed and Resource Management, Forestry Evaluation, Agricultural Development, Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Database Development, Land Surveying with modern technology, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Techniques.

This wide range of expertise affords us the capacity to provide professional services that are multidisciplinary in nature as required for the project. As earlier mentioned, we have been working in these fields in Nigeria since 1991. However, our senior members of staff have, individually, as much as 40 years of environmental consulting and experience in strategic Baseline Studies/Surveys around the world.

Our scope of services and activities also include Environmental Protection and Preservation, Water and Biological Resource Management, Detailed Ecological Surveys and Inventories, Forest Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration, Socio-cultural and Economic Evaluation, Sustainable Community Development and Rural Appraisal, Indigenous Knowledge Application and Dissemination, Capacity Building, Training and Technology transfer.

Natural and Mineral Resources Management with Spatial Technology
GNL also has an outstanding expertise in Natural and Mineral Resources Management; Watershed and Ecosystem Conservation; Environmental Assessment and Socio-Ecological Survey. Its scope of transferring state-of-the-art technology on the use of GIS and remote sensing include the following major areas:

  • Erosion and Coastal Zone Management and Mitigation Measures;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Environmental Audit and Risk Assessment;
  • Training Needs Assessment and Development of Training Modules;
  • Ecological Studies and Ecosystem Management Planning;
  • Socio-Ecological and Socio-Economic Surveys;
  • Development of Environmental and Social Management Action Plan;
  • Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management;
  • Wetlands and Floodplain Management;
  • Development of Communication Strategy;
  • Natural Resources Accounting and Valuation;
  • Community Development Activities;
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal;
  • Pollution, Solid and Hazardous Wastes;
  • Forest Inventory and Management Planning;
  • Geological and Hydrogeological Surveys and Mapping.

Over the past years, Geomatics Nigeria Limited has been actively involved directly and indirectly in advising governments and multilateral organizations in the structuring of Public Private Partnership transactions in different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Advisory Services to Governments and Multi-lateral Organizations
As an accredited consultant with a number of ministries and multi-lateral organizations earlier mentioned, the company has offered advisory services to several corporate bodies and multi-lateral organizations from time to time. This section presents our first-hand experiences of advising corporate bodies, multi-lateral organizations, as well as governments at State and National and International levels.

Baseline Studies and Survey
From inception, the company has engaged, as consultants, the services of highly competent professionals with international experience in Baseline Survey. Notable among our consultancy experiences that are pertinent to Baseline Survey in Nigeria and/or sub-Saharan Africa include:

  • National Water Supply and Sanitation Baseline Survey in South West Nigeria
  • Baseline Studies and Monitorable Indicators in and Around the Protected Areas
  • Baseline Studies for Participating LEEMP Communities in Bayelsa State
  • Hydrogeological Mapping of Nigeria - National Hydrogeological Database
  • Project Impact Evaluation of the Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Project (LEEMP).
  • Development of Spatial Database for LEEMP Communities in Niger State
  • Identification, Delineation and Digital Mapping for Solid Waste Management in Gombe State
  • Score Card Assessment of Rural Local Governments in Nine States of Nigeria
  • GIS Mapping of health facilities in three (3) LGAs of Benue State
  • Land Use and Vegetation Study of Nigeria.
  • Forest Resources Study of Nigeria (in collaboration with Beak Consultants Inc. of Canada)
  • State Environmental Action Plans (SEAPs) for the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA)
  • Industrial Pollution Policy and Management Study for the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA)
  • Investigation of Environmental Management Needs in Nigeria for External Affairs Canada (PEMD)
  • CIDA/ADB Funded Coastal Management Study in the Niger Delta
  • Demonstration of Remote Sensing, GIS and Environmental Modeling Technology in Nigeria for the Canadian International Development Agency, Ottawa

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